An excellent substitute for Talc, Arrowroot Powder is a soft, white powder derived from the starchy root of the Arrowroot plant. This cosmetic-grade powder resembles the texture of cornstarch and is light and silky to the touch.

Prominently featured in natural and plant-based cosmetics, Arrowroot Powder can be incorporated into body powders, dry shampoos, face powders and other powder makeup, where it creates a smooth, flawless finish to the skin upon application and helps absorb sweat and moisture. It is also popularly used to add texture and thickness to lotions, creams, natural deodorants, lip balm, and body butter.

The Raw Arrowroot Powder we use in our Pampered Femme skincare products is derived directly from the roots of Maranta arundinaceae. Pampered Femme uses Raw Arrowroot Powder in its most natural form, allowing you to benefit fully from its characteristics and benefits.


A Closer Look Into the Extraction Process of


STEP 1. They begin with the roots of the Maranta arundinaceae.

STEP 2. They crush the roots.
STEP 3. Extract the starch. 
STEP 4. Raw Arrowroot powder.




  Vegan  Cruelty Free Jojoba Oil  Gluten Free  



ABOUT OUR SUPPLIER | Our supplier sources and imports their Raw Arrowroot Powder directly from India.