As important as the quality of our ingredients, is the way in which they are fabricated into the final product. We invite you to watch our collection of one-minute videos on the process behind PAMPERED FEMME, featuring our creator extraordinaire, Tarryn! You will be delighted by the absolute passion and pleasure that goes into making our delectable skin care. 

STEP 1. TESTED & PERFECTED | We experiment with the highest quality natural ingredients for the products' base. We look for luxurious, creamy textures and consistencies, hydrating the skin to perfection. We aim for ultra-moisture without leaving too rich of a residue.

STEP 2. FANCIFUL FRAGRANCE | We all love a good smelling product, but we also know that all too often we end up with an overly scented product (due to synthetic fragrances and unbalanced additives) that hits right between the eyes. Mastering the art of scents is no small feat. Playing with base notes, middle notes and top notes we strive for a scent that rings true to its name, without overpowering the other senses. Pampered Femme is an all over experience from scent to look to feel. 

STEP 3. COZY COLOURS | We look for natural variations of colours that complement the scent and texture of our products. Using natural clays, natural food colour powders (derived from whole foods without additives or preservatives), biodegradable/non-plastic glitter, and organic garnish, we play with the look until it's picture - and pampered - perfect!

STEP 4. SMALL BATCH | Since Pampered Femme avoids all synthetic preservatives with a focus on quality, our products are small batch or made to order - a.k.a FRESH! That's it, easy peasy.

STEP 5. FUN FORMATS | Whether you want lots or a little, we've got a format for everyone. Our products don't just work on the body, but we've selected our packaging specifically for reuse and repurposing however you see fit. 

STEP 6. HIP SHIPIN' | We're even eco when it comes to the packaging and shipping of our products. (No seriously, just ask Tarryn's husband how many hours went into finding something that is actually green - you grow girl...or boy!) 

So, what are you waiting for?!? Get pampered!