Beeswax has long been a go-to for skincare since ancient Egyptian times. Thanks to its natural anti-bacterial properties, it is extremely soothing and healing for many skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, burns, and more. Beeswax is full of Vitamin A, ideal for moisturising, hydrating and soothing your skin.

When the bees produce the wax from their abdominal wax glands, the wax has a creamy white hue. Only when the worker bees bring in the pollen does it take on a yellowish hue. Filtration using natural cloths can remove the pollen and return the wax to its natural white colour. 

The Organic White Beeswax we use in our Pampered Femme skincare products is derived directly from honeycombs. Pampered Femme uses Organic White Beeswax in its most natural form, allowing you to benefit fully from its characteristics and benefits.


A Closer Look Into the Extraction Process of


STEP 1. It begins with the honeycomb.

STEP 2. They scrape the outside layer, returning the comb to the hive.
STEP 3. White beeswax is filtered using natural cloths and sunlight, removing impurities. 
STEP 4. Organic White Beeswax




    Cruelty Free Jojoba Oil  Gluten Free  



ABOUT OUR SUPPLIER | Our supplier sources and imports their Organic White Beeswax directly from India.