Rich in Vitamin A (which produces retinol, vital in skin cell regeneration and the smoothing of wrinkles and fine lines), Vitamin E (full of antioxidants that prevents cell damage and reduces UV damage), Omega 3 Fatty Acids (prevent premature ageing and safeguard against sun damage), and Zinc (helps heal skin after scars from acne or otherwise).

Cold-pressed and unprocessed, our organic extra virgin coconut oil is derived from the Prunus dulcis in Morocco. 

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil is an excellent emollient and is known for its ability to soften and re-condition the skin. It is rich in proteins, Olein Glyceride Linoleic Acid, and Vitamin D, and is considered extremely nourishing to the skins a moisturiser - particularly when used regularly. It can be used to soothe dry skin and irritated areas.

The Organic Sweet Almond Oil we use in our Pampered Femme skincare products is derived directly from the almonds themselves. Pampered Femme uses Organic Sweet Almond Oil in its most natural form, allowing you to benefit fully from its characteristics and benefits.


A Closer Look Into the Extraction Process of


STEP 1. They begin with organic-certified almonds from the Prunus dulcis.

STEP 2. They are cold pressed.
STEP 3. They go through a filtration process.  
STEP 4. Organic Sweet Almond Oil.




    Vegan  Cruelty Free Jojoba Oil  Gluten Free  



ABOUT OUR SUPPLIER | Our supplier sources and imports their Organic Sweet Almond Oil directly from Morocco and is certified Organic by USDA.