Natural Whipped Skincare products


Watch me whip...our natural body butter into silky, soothing perfection.

Our ultra-hydrating natural skincare formula is hand whipped to buttery perfection and absorbs quickly into the skin leaving behind a light healthy glow. Perfect to soften, replenish, and soothe the skin, scented with aromatic essential oil blends that will leave you feeling ever so decadent. You and your skin deserve to be loved and cared for with nutrient-rich natural and organic ingredients. Bye-bye dullness and uneven texture, hello beautiful smooth and healthy-looking skin! We promise we will have you coming back for more!

Fair trade natural skincare products

Fair Trade

The Fair Trade movement is a social response to the conventional trading system by which many farmers and workers have been deprived or disparaged. Buying Fair Trade products is a more effective way of facilitating supportable development than traditional charitable donations and aid, as it allows better trading conditions and sustainable farming for workers and farmers in developing countries. When possible, we will always chose ingredients that are certified "fair trade".

Natural Skincare products handcrafted with organic ingredients

Natural & Organic Ingredients

Your skin deserves the best. This is why we are passionate about bringing you the wholesome effects of properties found in nature. Our whipped body butters are made of natural and certified USDA organic butters that nourish and moisturize your skin. Our recipe main ingredients (Shea, Cocoa and Coconut butter ) protects and repairs damaged skin. Try it today, it will leave your skin glowing feeling softer, and smoother!

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