The Pampered Femme Promise

Pampered Femme stems from a desire for family-friendly skincare that isn't just healthy but incredibly decadent and hydrating. Women want - and need - to feel like the goddesses they are, without worrying about whether or not their skincare might hurt their babies when they nurse or cuddle them. 

Tired of never finding products that check off everything on the list, Tarryn (mom of two sweet pampered petites and one fluffy pampered lapin, and wife to a supportive pampered homme) decided to venture into the world of natural skincare for the benefit of all. 


Our core values are the formidable basis for Pampered Femme. We put all life, human and otherwise, above our vanity. We will not sacrifice quality of life for the sake of a shimmer and shine effect. We do not support vendors who mask the sourcing process, devaluing the hard work of those who physically procure the ingredient. Animals are never harmed - not prior, during or after production - in the making or sourcing of our ingredients. We opt for sustainable ingredients, limiting the disastrous effects on the earth and its animal inhabitants. We even petition you, our loyal customers, to hold us true to these values. We encourage you to reach out if ever you discover part of our process or product may be harmful or unethical. Just send us a message to


We test and test and test our products to perfection. We are grateful for the opportunity to have the means and passion to procure the best ingredients. We are also stoked that our products are legit luscious and provide a true pampered experience. A product only goes up on our site when it surpasses our high standards.

WE PROMISE to pamper you in perfect harmony with nature.



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