The Pampered Femme Launch

We are SO excited to bring you the launch of Pampered Femme!
We wish we could have popped some actual pink champagne with you, but this will have to do!
We are just so grateful to have the opportunity to share such a healthy and delicious product line with you and yours. Natural skincare, zero whisk and all the fun. 
Body Butters are up first, while Tarryn perfects the perfect line up to meet Pampered Femme's high standards. Check out our TikTok account for a glimpse into how Tarryn whips up the body butters and follow us on Instagram to stay on top of all Pampered Femme goodness!
You can learn more about Pampered Femme on our website. You can read up on topics that mean the most to us on our bi-monthly blog Sagesse. And of course, donut miss out on news, updates, and promotions via our newsletter!
What are you waiting for? Get Pampered, 'cause girl you dessert it!

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