Why Small Batch Is the Best Batch

In a world where convenience and bulk are our go-to, it's important to slow down and realise that there are consequences in exposing ourselves to mass-produced products. Don't worry, this is not a doom and gloom article. Rather, we will highlight the benefits of small-batch production and how that comes into play here at Pampered Femme. 


No, we aren't referring to the Urban Dictionary's definition of 'a short, hot girl'... When referring to food, drink, and skincare the term 'small-batch' denotes a product that is quite literally made in smaller batches, usually by hand, and without preservatives.


There are several health benefits to small-batch products, as well as ethical and sustainable aspects, worthy of our attention. We will use our Pampered Femme Whipped Body Butters as an example.

  • Healthy | Our products are 100% natural in ingredients and process, so you won't find any chemical preservatives here. As such, they have a shorter shelf-life than your typical off the shelf product. We make sure to include our "Packaged On" date and have a shelf-life of one year. We also ensure that the formats we sell can be used within a reasonable time frame. 
  • Nourishing | While we toss out our food when it tends to show signs of ageing, we have a bad habit of keeping our cosmetics and skincare far past the best by date. While those products might not be rotten, the nourishing agents within them (you know, the ones responsible for softening, anti-ageing, hydrating, etc.) are by no means at the required level for their intended purpose. Small-batch skincare always packs a punch and is full of healthy ingredients in their prime.
  • Ethical | Smaller batches mean we have more control over who we order our ingredients and packaging from. We look for fair trade suppliers, who do not mask or override the humble sourcing process, devaluing the hard work of those who procure the original ingredients. We don't believe in sacrificing quality for convenience, whether it's the quality of our product or the quality of life those supplying its' counterparts. We also make sure that all ingredients are cruelty-free, because our furry-legged (and non-furry legged, or finned...no bias here) friends deserve our love as much as humans.
  • Eco-friendly | We look at sourcing local as much as possible and that is no exception when it comes to packaging. We are equally passionate about the earth as we are about your health, and do our best to minimise our carbon footprint and support sustainable living. We are always trying to think outside the box. We even spent months sourcing the jars we use for our body butters, ensuring that they could be reused by our clients for other things rather than tossed into the trash. The floral and sparkle accents in our bath salts are 100% biodegradable and ethically sourced. No Mica here!
  • Always Fresh | Tarryn whips up a fresh batch of body butters every Friday, so your order is always made with your health and satisfaction in mind. She literally pipes each jar herself, always with an extra dash of gratitude and love!


As mentioned our body butters are whipped to perfection weekly, and thus your products are shipped out within a week of the order date and have a shelf-life of one year.

Well, that's the end of our lesson on Small-Batch production and we hope you feel as confident in our process as we do! As always, we count on your transparency, honesty and commitment to a better world. We appreciate any information you find that compromises the quality of our products or Pampered Femme philosophy. Let us know if you have any concerns or questions by writing us at wecare@pamperedfemme.ca

What are you waiting for? Get pampered! 

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