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Turns Out That Bio Glitter Isn't That Bio After All

As a company sincerely dedicated to the purest products possible, with the least harm to the environment, we like to research the heck out of our blog topics. In all our research, we could not find any substantial proof that bio glitter in fact existed. (We'll get into the dirty...

The Difference Between an Essence and a Fragrance

What do you think of when you look at a product and read, "Scented with all-natural, organic fragrance?" What about a product that reads, "Scented with all-natural, organic essential oil?"  While these two statements may read the same, there is one key difference. More often than not, such a statement denotes...

How Natural is Your Natural Product?

Even when companies have honest intentions of delivering the very best quality possible, the lines of what qualifies as truly natural are most usually blurred. That's why it's important to note that "100% Natural" very rarely exists the way we think it does. 

Why Small Batch Is the Best Batch

Don't worry, this is not a doom and gloom article. Rather, we will highlight the benefits of small-batch production and how that comes into play here at Pampered Femme. And no, we aren't referring to the Urban Dictionary's definition of 'a short, hot girl'...although, have you met our creator?!

The Pampered Femme Launch

We are just so grateful to have the opportunity to share such a healthy and delicious product line with you and yours. Natural skincare, zero whisk and all the fun. Body Butters are up first, while Tarryn perfects the perfect line up to meet Pampered Femme's high standards.

The Pampered Femme Promise

Pampered Femme stems from a desire for family-friendly skincare that isn't just healthy but incredibly decadent and hydrating. Women want - and need - to feel like the goddesses they are, without worrying about whether or not their skincare might hurt their babies when they nurse or cuddle them. 

Why We Do Not Use Mica

It's the sparkle, the je ne sais quoi in your favourite cosmetics. It's the perfect glitter factor that brings your look from day to night or your skin from blah to GORGEOUS! It's Mica, but Mica has a dirty's mined by children as young as four years old.